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“It’s all about questions, the burning desire to gain clarity on our most pressing issues, all I do is answer those questions.”

Life is a glorious river on which we are all being carried towards a great mystery. Sometimes we have sunshine and smooth sailing, but not always, storms will come, the water can get rough and we might get so turned around as to feel quite lost. We are left suddenly in turbulence, wanting to understand what has happened and better prepare for what is coming next, whether good or bad. We have all been there, we all know what it is like to have so many questions but be unsure where to ask them. Sometimes these questions can eat away at us, taking away our joy and leaving us instead with anxiety or sadness. Fortunately, psychics like myself are able to offer deep insight on the important issues that people are left with in important life moments. Many of these crossroads are related to business or family life, sometimes that are about love or personal difficult experiences. They are always important times for the querent and I treat them as such, whatever the subject area I tackle the matter seriously and professionally. My readings provide new clarity, new perspectives and fuller understandings of the matters important to those that seek me out to connect with them. What are your questions? How can I start helping you? Just remember your answers are waiting just a single click away…

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ella cardenas
ella cardenas
Psychic Medium, Intuitive Reader and Shamanic Energy Healer
My psychic gifts first manifested when I was just a toddler, for as long as I can remember I have seen spirit people and received intuitive information about the people around me. Once I discovered gypsy cards a whole new world of intuitive work opened up to me, as my friends convinced me that I could help others. I have been a professional reader for over 23 years now, and continue to offer my psychic insights to all who require them.
Bruce Fenton
Bruce Fenton
Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Author.

services offered

Available in person where available and skype
psychic readings with ancient cartomancy

30 mins = $65
60 mins = $125
90 mins = $185

curse cutting and protection

Curse cutting POA
Shielding and protecting POA
Making a child or person invisible POA
Return to sender protection POA

regressions to past lives and progressions

60 mins = $155
90 mins = $225
120 mins = $300

Shamanic Diagnosis healing and clearings

Diagnosing Problems $ 45
Egg Clearing and Interpretation $ 45
Personal Clearings $65
House Clearings $45 per room

Cartomancy classes

30 mins = $ 65
60 mins = $ 125

reiki healing sessions

45 mins = $65
60 mins = $85

chakra realignment, crystal work, chi gung and egytpian oil therapy

60 mins = $ 125
90 mins = $ 185

guided visualizations and meditations

20 mins = $25
40 mins = $45

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